Kufic Art

the-penKufic is a stylised form of Arabic script following a square or geometric shapes. It is one of the oldest forms of Arabic calligraphy named after the city of Kufa in Iraq.

I love this form of calligraphy because, at one level, you can design it using digital programmes and, at another level, it requires discipline as it restricts how you can design. This makes for fascinating graphic expression.

This page will showcase my kufic art that are largely interpretations of Qur’anic verses. In fact, the logo that I have designed for myself combines the my many interests: the pen is symbolic of all things media and the design above the pen nib is a form of Arabic kufic script that spells my name.

I have two boards on Pinterest that illustrate what I love about this form of art. Kufic Inspired is of my own attempts at the art form and Kufic City is the works of others that I find interesting. Below are some examples of my work.





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