That Feeling When You Fly

Pic by Julia Revitt on Unsplash

The standing and the folding
The proud amongst the humble
The asking and the holding
It all begins to crumble

The open and the secret
The silence and the noise
The profane wrapped in sacred
The quiet informs the voice

The salute and the worship
The body and the soul
Resolute and with purpose
Drink water from the bowl

On the carpet, on the sand
The wall behind the shroud
How a seed becomes a plant
While waiting for a cloud

Invisible rain come pouring
Securing every heart
On the living, on the snoring
Tearing everything apart

Rivers run from higher ground
From mountain to the valley
The rider does not make a sound
A moment she will tarry

The opening and the closing
The earth beneath the sky
The poetry and the rhyming
That feeling when you fly


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