the-penFrom typography to graphic design, from books to movies, and from social media to photography, Adli has always been intrigued by all forms of media. In the 1980s, his initial intention was to write, but was instead hired to do the magazine design and production of New Era magazine.

new-constitutionHe founded his own media production house, Typeface Media, through which he wrote, designed and produced magazines, corporate media, company logos and variety of other media products. One of Typeface’s proudest moments was in the design and page layout of South Africa’s new constitution.

This passion for the design aspect of media has not waned. Under this menu item you will find some of his art, poster designs as well as photography. Check it out and give him feedback or simply like if the design appeals to you.

The logo above combines the many interests of Adli Jacobs: the pen is symbolic of all things media and the design above the pen nib is a form of Arabic kufic script that spells his name. Neat!

He has also curated all of the different forms of media (graffiti, movies, books, design, info graphics, etc.) that fascinates him on Pinterest.


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