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Punching Above Its Weight is author Adli Jacobs’ eye-opening look into the Call of Islam, an anti-apartheid organisation affiliated with the United Democratic front in the 1980’s. The book outlines the organising strategies of a seemingly insignificant political movement that made far-reaching contributions to the freedom struggle in South Africa led by Nelson Mandela.

“The Call of Islam is an organisation that was militant but not violent; radical but not fundamentalist; and revolutionary but not extreme.” – Ebrahim Rasool, South African Ambassador to the US

To get a copy, click here

Capturing the Fire is a biography by Adli Jacobs on the life of Sally Little, the SA golfing champion who had won 15 titles including two Majors. Today, Sally continues to compete on the Legends Tour, the women’s senior division of the LPGA, of which she is a founding member. She is also involved with both junior and amateur golf development in South Africa through the Sally Little Charitable Trust. Sally’s course design boasts of Kingswood, her signature golf course on the Garden Route.

In 1989, the American sports journalist Patrick Mott, wrote, “When she first strode into the unforgiving field of the Ladies Professional Golf Assn. tour 18 years ago, Sally Little looked like Princess Diana and played like Wyatt Earp.”


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